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Louis Alberry is a guitarist, mandola player and songwriter from Swanage, on the south coast of England. His atmospheric songs and instrumental compositions enchant and transport, weaving intricate journeys through diverse musical landscapes. Fed as much by West African, Indian and jazz music as by his folk guitar predecessors such as Nick Drake and Bert Jansch, his music is by turns lilting and gentle, hypnotic and textural or bursting with energy.

After having released several EPs - both as Canou and as Louis Alberry - and an album with post-folk five-piece Julius LeVallon, he is due to release his self-titled debut solo album on the 7th March via Kray Klaw Records. A collection of nine compositions for guitar and mandola, the music takes us along a dynamic and winding path, evoking some of the places and experiences that first bore the songs, as well as introducing us to the character of their performer. With its roots in the lush landscapes of British folk music, this album brings a new twist to the tale, expanding the palette to include atmospheres from across the musical spectrum.